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Những câu hỏi và trả lời để khắc phục sự cố - Phần 3

Đăng bởi Do Viet Hung | 09/03/2018 | 0 bình luận
Những câu hỏi và trả lời để khắc phục sự cố - Phần 3

Q13. Why has the robot‘s cleaning efficiency decreased?
1. The HEPA filter may be clogged. Remover the HEPA filter, and clean it with warm water, then let it dry completely, then
place it back in the filter slot. If the HEPA filter is over 6 months old, it is advised to replace it with a new HEPA filter.
Pick up large items and keep areas to be cleaned open.
Clean the side brushes, bristle brush and sensors regularly.
Empty the dust bin before using, which will allow for better airflow and efficient cleaning.
Q14. Why is the power running out quickly?
This could be caused by multiple issues:
Place the vacuum on the charging dock or turn off the power switch when unused.
When V5s uses MAX mode, the fan speed becomes higher and suction power increases, which uses more power, thus
draining the power quickly.
3. The battery may be damaged/old. Contact technical support if you have tried 1&2 without success.
Q15. Why has the noise level of the robot increased?
Turn off the power switch, take out of the dust box and clean off garbage, with the bottom upwards.
1.Check whether the side brush mouth is blocked or not.
2.Check and clean off side brushes.
Q16.Why is the robot doing repeat cleanings?
Repeated cleaning is normal, and the machine works for about 2 hours. Thus, many places need to be cleaned many times
in order to achieve a complete clean.
Q17.Why does the machine get stuck when transitioning from hard floor to carpet?
Make sure the height difference between the carpets and the floor are no more than 15mm.
The robot cannot work on the carpet with mop.
Q18.Why is my robot falling from elevated places (cliffs)?
1.The carpet cannot exceed the border of the floor, or the robot will still sense carpet underneath it and fall.
2.Ensure there are no large power appliances around the cliff, or otherwise appliances will hang off the cliff and guide the
robot off the cliff. Please add a guardrail on the edge of the cliff if you can‘t move said appliances


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